A Dutch meat substitute supplier is targeting the UK with a product that it claims can reduce the level of fat without impairing taste.

Meatless is a 100%-vegetable fibre, made from lupine and wheat that is said to have the characteristics and nutritional value of meat.

By substituting 25% of a meat product with Meatless, the calorific and fat content would be cut by half, claims supplier Meatless BV. The fibre could be used to replace a proportion of the fat content of meat, with its texture and water-binding properties leaving the product scarcely distinguishable from a 100%-meat product, it said, adding that meat-free options were possible.

Meatless would sell the fibre to manufacturers for them to include in lines, the company said, but it could also be sold direct in supermarkets as an ingredient. The first products made by a client include frankfurters, sausages and hamburgers.

Meatless reps plan to visit the UK this month to meet supermarket buyers and manufacturers.