Retailer support for the Red Tractor continues to grow, with 70% of eligible own-label products now carrying the label - up from 66% in 2011.

A recent Red Tractor Assurance audit analysed 348 British products that would be eligible to display the Red Tractor to determine how widely it is used by retailers. It found 242 products featured the logo.

However, use of the Red Tractor logo on front or top of packs - as opposed to less prominent places - has declined slightly, from 71% to 69%.

The retailer that used the logo most consistently was Tesco, with 89% of its 46 eligible products carrying the logo. Lidl ranked second, with 85% of its 27 products.

Sainsbury’s and Waitrose stocked the greatest number of eligible items overall but used the label on just 66% and 46% of products respectively.

“Whilst we’re pleased with the steps forward, the results highlighted that three in 10 products that qualify to carry the Red Tractor logo do not currently use it, which means there is plenty of opportunity to go after,” said Red Tractor Assurance head of marketing Richard Cattell.