Pig farmers are being urged to send an email to every single one of the UK’s 650 MP as part of a campaign to highlight how soaring grain prices are putting farmers’ livelihoods at risk.

The initiative is being coordinated by the National Pig Association and is the latest phase of the Save Our Bacon campaign, which kicked off last month.

Save Our Bacon is calling on consumers to support British pig farmers under strain from soaring production costs by making an “extra special effort” to look for Red Tractor-certified pork products when shopping.

The NPA has produced an email form that it is asking farmers to use to contact their MPs. At the time of writing, 140 farmers had done so and the NPA had received 24 responses, including one from food and farming minister Jim Paice.

Paice said he was “very much aware” of the problems high grain prices had caused farmers. “As you know, government cannot fix prices, but I will certainly do all I can to encourage people to buy British pigmeat,” he added.

The NPA said it would start contacting British members of the European Parliament with a similar message shortly.