GlaxoSmithKline has kicked off the first phase of a £10m media investment in Ribena with TV and magazine advertising. And the spend ­ which also covers cinema ads ­ forms only part of the £27m support budget it has already promised for the brand this year. Other activity will include new products and a promotion running across 25,000 packs from August. Five TV ads, which broke this week, feature the core range and Ribena Toothkind. They account for three-quarters of the media budget. Carrying the strapline Rich in vitamin C, rich in memories', each focuses on the parent/child relationship. The two longer ads, Tooth Fairy and Mud Pie, show parents brought temporarily into their child's world, where they reflect on their own childhood. The shorter versions emphasise the products' vitamin C content. The press ads, running until June, show children dressing up. Cinema ads start in July and will be shown with the Harry Potter and Stuart Little film sequels. {{P&P }}