Fish processor Marr Foods has brought the fish supper into the technological age with the launch of microwaveable fish and chips. Cod n Chips' uses technology developed in the US which features aluminium sheets at the bottom and top of the packaging interacting with microwaves. This means the food is cooked from the centre, avoiding scorching the outer layer and improving surface browning and crispness, according to the company. In Sainsbury's stores now, the new arrival comes in one-portion servings in 275g packs (rsp: £1.49) and takes five and a half minutes to cook. Cod Nuggets n Chips, Cod Nuggets and two Cod Portions are planned. "The retail fish and chips market has declined over the past year and we believe this is due to poor quality raw material and poor product performance," said Kelly Colrein, trade marketing manager. "Cod n Chips could change the perception of convenience food." {{P&P }}