Milk Link has given small producers a boost with the opening of a £1.4m speciality cheese-packing unit at Reece’s Creamery, Cheshire.

The new facility will cut and pack traditional crumbly and farmhouse cheeses such as Stilton, Cheshire, Red Leicester and other territorials from a range of small-scale producers.

Cheese is delivered in a variety of forms, including rounds wrapped in cheesecloth or in wooden boxes, and unpacked. They are then cut using specialist equipment, packed and distributed to Waitrose and other customers.

“Not only are we securing and creating jobs at our Reece’s Creamery, we are also meeting our customers’ needs,” said speciality cheese director Mark Frankcom.

The opening follows the completion of Milk Link’s new Innovation Centre at Taw Valley as the company looks to add value to its product portfolio.