Milk offers send out the wrong message

Fay Mansell Chair, National Federation of Women's Institutes

Sir; Promotions such as Asda's recent 'Any two-for-£2' promotion on liquid milk to reduce the retail price of milk are a cause for concern. This action devalues the product yet the focus is on sustainable production and environmental concern. We believe that such price cuts send the wrong message to consumers about the value of milk, which is a wholesome and nutritious food. The Great Milk Debate campaign organised by Women's Institute members across the country, with participation from a number of farming organisations, highlighted consumer concern about the loss of our dairy industry. It also showed that consumers are prepared to pay more for their dairy products if they know the money is being passed back to the farmers, which would enable future investments to take place. We believe milk products should be valued and urge Asda and other supermarkets to work with the dairy industry to add value to dairy products, not take it away.