Several weeks into 2000 and nobody yet knows just how raw milk will be sold from April 1 onwards. "No one is suggesting a selling round in any of the regional producer co-ops," said an industry source. "Milk Marque tried to make something work for everyone, but it didn't please anyone, as far as I can tell," the source added. Since none of the marketing agencies have monopoly status, there is no obligation to disclose any pricing details whatever. Milk Marque members will be assigned within the boundaries of the three agencies: Zenith, Axis and Fresh Field Milk. "They all know where they are going, and there doesn't seem to be a problem with that so far." At present the sales teams are out getting to know their potential future customers. But come the spring ­ as happened last year ­ is looks like there will be no headline price for raw milk going into manufacturers. Dairy Industry Federation director general Jim Begg told The Grocer: "Much closer co-operation is needed," adding that the new marketing arrangements removed past problems and is "potentially a better system". {{PROVISIONS }}