The increasing likelihood of UK milk production staying inside quota this year has led milk producers' co-op Axis to raise its trading allowance to farmers from 4% to 20%. This is the percentage by which Axis lets individiual members exceed their personal quota allowance before witholding part of their monthly milk cheques. This commercial arrangement covers Axis in the event of having to recover superlevy payments from producers. Scottish Milk has made similar changes for its farmers and the Co-op dairies are not holding back any part of the milk cheque until January. With the UK now six days behind on its quota profile, few expect to see any superlevy bill at the end of the current quota year. Until the national quota is exceeded, individual quota holders are not penalised for overproduction, leaving an opening for anyone producing winter milk. There is little chance of milk supplies rising significantly before April, because of the lead time for a lactation. Of greater concern for producers should be the possiblity of a collapse in the market during April. If producers take the current high spot market prices as an indication the coming selling round will see contract prices improve beyond 20ppl, they may be disappointed. {{PROVISIONS }}