Dairy UK is optimistic that school vending machines will be allowed to sell milkshakes, after a meeting with school food campaigners.

The trade body said it was hopeful of striking a deal with the School Food Trust, which advises the government, to permit a minimum 90% milk drink with up to 5% sugar or honey and 5% flavourings and colourings. A draft of the flavoured milk regulations published last month revealed that only milk drinks flavoured with fruit juice were allowed.

"The School Food Trust is working on the issue and I believe it is trying to accommodate us," said Dairy UK technical director Ed Komorowski. "They appreciate that if you mix milk with fruit juice it will curdle, and we need more flexibility."

The Trust had accepted that conventional milkshakes were a good way of delivering milk to schoolkids, he added.

It has just a few weeks left to persuade the government to modify its proposals, as the regulation is due by September.