The affordability and practicality of mince have helped sales volumes resist steep cost inflation over the past year.

Sales of fresh minced beef, lamb, pork and turkey have risen 22% to £646m in the past year [TNS]. Price inflation accounted for much of the rise, but volume sales are also up 2% to 147,000 tonnes. Mince's popularity is reflected by 76% of households buying into the category, with shoppers buying an average of 1.4% more this year.

"The steady growth of mince sales shows how it complements the needs of today's consumer," said Richard Cullen, consumer insight manager at AHDB. "To retailers, mince is an important traffic driver, highlighted by the constant in-store promotion ensuring consumers can always get a good deal."

Mince is popular with all ages but is particularly in growth among young children, with 4% more under-fives eating it this year.