Del Monte has launched a mini, seedless watermelon called Exstazy through Tesco.

It is expected to appeal strongly to children because it is sweeter than standard watermelons and more colourful. It is also easy to prepare because it has no seeds.

Peter Miller, MD of Del Monte UK, said: "We're always trying to get kids hooked on fruit. Hopefully the sweetness and appearance will appeal to them."

The fruit's outer skin is darker than usual, with lighter stripes, while the flesh is a deeper red than normal varieties, he added.

The grower hopes that the small seedless fruit will keep consumers interested in the melon category through winter, when sales usually slow. The melon market is worth £105m in the UK [TNS, 52 w/e 26 June], with watermelon sales growing 10% year-on-year.

Exstazy is grown by Del Monte farmers in Brazil and will be available all year. Morrisons stocked the Solinda mini melon from Spain and Italy this summer.