This is the first look at Coca-Cola’s Minute Maid range of 100% chilled fruit juices which are taking on market leader Tropicana, owned by arch rival PepsiCo.
Minute Maid - first launched in 1998 but withdrawn due to poor sales - is returning to the UK retailers with five products targeted at the British palate.
The not-from-concentrate, no-added-sugar range comprises Smooth Orange and Orange with Juicy Bits, both with and without multivitamins, and Smooth Orange and Raspberry with added zinc. The range is unique to the UK and is sold in
one-litre PET carafes (rsp: £1.69 for non-fortified and £1.99 for fortified). Distributor Coca-Cola Enterprises is pushing them as an easy way to tot up one of the five daily recommended portions of fruit and veg, ideal for people with busy lifestyles who want a quick health fix.
CCE marketing director Norman Brodie said: “What we are trying to do with Minute Maid is help consumers find an easier way to a healthy lifestyle.”
Brodie said fruit juice was a huge growth opportunity. “The emphasis in 1998 was in trying to launch big global brands. Our proposition this time is very GB-specific.”
The launch will be backed by heavyweight advertising, including a TV campaign focusing on a ‘passionate about fruit’ message. The range goes into stores this month and there are also three Minute Maid-branded Fruit Refresh juice drinks in 330ml PET bottles from July.
Claire Hu