The Grocer 33 had one of its best weeks for out of stocks with only three recorded across all eight trips. Sainsbury, Norwich, had two ­ Tetley teabags and sausages, while Asda's seven consecutive weeks of cheapest full baskets was halted by a missing box of Kleenex. Tesco was the cheapest, checking in a full basket at £39.04. However, the store missed out on our special pre-Easter purchase of a six-pack of hot cross buns because it was waiting for deliveries. Safeway had the best buy at 69p, although Asda was offering a good deal of eight-packs for just 67p. Refurbishments continue to be a source of frustration for our shoppers. Safeway's ongoing refit at Gamston created narrow aisles for only one trolley to get by at a time, while the dairy aisle came to a dead end so that once it had been visited, you had to turn around and come back again. Other gripes included aisle congestion at Morrisons, Tynemouth, caused by unmanned shelf fillers' trolleys, and overcharging at Sainsbury, Plymouth. Here our shopper paid an extra 7p for own label baked beans, only later discovering via the store that a higher priced can from a four-pack had crept into the trolley. Somerfield's Stretford store was the star this week providing its fastest shop ever, full shelves and staff who were charming throughout the trip. {{GROCER 33 }}