Molson Coors has launched an educational portal on Asda's website.

The brewery said it had been working closely with Asda on developing the Brewhouse site, which went live this week and lists the retailer's line-up of niche beers and ales that consumers may not yet have discovered, said Molson, which owns Carling. Although there is no Molson branding, the site lists the brewery's beers, including Grolsch, Cobra and Singha.

Molson said the site was part of plans to be a beer category champion for Asda, and to entice new consumers to try new and unfamiliar brews.

"We are moving into craft beers and increasing our portfolio of world beers," said Molson communications partner Kristy McCready. "It's fantastic to see Asda taking such an interest in beer education."

This week, Molson Coors opened a new brewery in Burton-on-Trent.