A Czech Republic beer range that resembles the Belgian Trappist ale style is now available to UK consumers.
Importer Caravel Trading is launching a range of beers from the Zeliv Abbey brewery, including the flagship brew Gottschalk, a 6.5% abv amber-coloured beer with a Champagne-style fermentation.
Also in the range are the honey-flavoured 6.5% abv Castulus and the 5.2% abv Siard Falco, a sweeter beer made from sour cherries. While most Czech beers are Pilsner-style lagers brewed with bottom-fermenting yeast, these are top-fermenting.
Monks at the Zeliv Abbey Brewery have a hand in the production, which makes them Trappist-style ales. They use only premium quality Moravian hops.
Jo-Anne Hale, joint MD of Caravel, said: "Retailers will be encouraged by the growing trend for UK consumers to treat themselves to buying off-trade premium and speciality beers to drink at home."
Hale noted that Czech brewers have already gained a solid reputation with UK consumers for their high quality lager beer and she believes this can now be extended to their Abbey ales, which have a richer and more complex flavour.
"Our position is to introduce more premium and organic beers from European countries. We think these will work very well as they are a confluence of Trappist ales and the Czech reputation for beer," said Hales.
The beers will be priced at £1.39 for each 330ml bottle.