A long-life milk said to be the first containing just 1% fat has been launched by Milk Link. 

Moo One%, which will join other products in the Moo range including whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed milk, will initially be listed in Sainsbury’s and is soon to appear in Tesco. 

The new product contains the same amount of calcium and vitamin B as regular semi-skimmed milk but half the fat. It will retail at 75p.

“Since the launch of Moo in 2004, we have listened to feedback from our consumers and constantly updated the brand. Milk drinkers want the taste of semi-skimmed with less fat,” said senior brand manager at Milk Link, Heather Coates.

Moo One% follows the launch of a number of 1% fat fresh milk brands, including an own-label product launched by Sainsbury’s in April. The Food Standards Agency has praised moves towards lower-fat dairy products, claiming they offered consumers more choice.