Thailand-based Siam Winery has relaunched its Monsoon Valley range with new branding to reflect its heritage.

The range has been given a more modern look and a new logo in the shape of the Naga, a mythical part-river serpent, part-dragon creature that supposedly originated in the Chao Phraya delta. The company has three wineries in the delta, including a floating vineyard where vines are trained on pergolas.

The eight-strong range, priced from £4.99, includes a rosé blended from Malaga Blanc, Colombard & Shiraz grapes, a white Shiraz and a sweet Muscat. "The Naga heralds the monsoon rains, which bring much-needed fertility and prosperity across all of south east Asia," said a spokesman.

"It is a fitting symbol as the goal of the Siam Winery is to bring prosperity to this rural area with the development of the Thai wine industry."