Kraft Foods is hoping to emulate the success of Kenco Rappor stick packs with the launch of Kenco Purely in a Stick format. Kenco Purely, consisting of single origin coffees ­ Kenyan, Colombian and Costa Rican ­ will be available in boxes containing 20 instant coffee sticks. Each stick provides the correct dose of coffee and addresses both convenience and quality issues, staying fresher for longer as a single serving, says the company. Category manager Sharon Gregory said: "The stick pack was launched to encourage people who don't normally buy coffee to experiment at a low risk price point ­ £1.49 for a 20 pack compared to a 100g jar at £3.19. It's very moveable and has had high sales in unexpected places such as seaside resorts." Kraft says that 225,000 Kenco Rappor stick packs were sold in the three months to the end of June [AC Nielsen], equivalent to 4.5 million sticks, and has helped bring new users into the instant coffee category. In addition, it says the brand Kenco Rappor has gained 5% share of the instant coffee category "exceeding all expectations in bringing 16 to 34 year olds into the sector". {{MARKETING - P&P }}