bacon for farmers

Morrisons has launched the latest extension to its ‘for Farmers’ brand with a move into the bacon category.

The retailer is selling the Bacon for Farmers brand - revealed by The Grocer in May - in 250g packs of eight smoked or unsmoked British bacon rashers for £2 each.

A 20p premium from every pack sold would be passed on to about 140 British pig farmers who supply Morrisons with pork, a spokesman for the retailer said. It is selling the unsmoked variant in more than 400 stores, and the smoked variant in more than 100.

The launch follows the runaway success of Morrisons Milk for Farmers - which has returned about £300,000 per month to farmers in extra payments since launching last October - and the launch of cream and cheese brand extensions.

“After listening to customers, it became clear that some of them wanted the chance to support other areas of British farming,” Morrisons said.

National Pig Association CEO Zoe Davies said: ” We are clearly very supportive of the new brand, but we would like to find out more about how the payment mechanism works.”