Supermarkets. You've got to watch them these days. One minute you're in aisle 26 trying to find where they've hidden your favourite flavour of Spam and the next you've bumped into a bearded guy who takes you on a tour of the 'interesting' artefacts found at the former chip shop down the road.

This week the first museum in a supermarket opened - in Morrisons' Johnstone store in Scotland - giving shoppers the chance to take home a bit of local culture with their packs of Daz and sustainable fish. Visitors are free to view the collections of photographs, artefacts and archives pertaining to the history of the Renfrewshire town. On offer will be craftmaking workshops, guided tours and talks.

Morrisons is known for its commitment to conserving the heritage of the communities where it sets up shop. It has erected statues of the Jarrow hunger marchers in Newcastle and Eric Morecambe in the town that bears his name.

If Morrisons has bagged a museum then what of its rivals? Waitrose will no doubt follow with something highbrow like an art gallery while Asda is more likely to have something more 'of the people' like a Princess Diana tribute. And Sainsbury's? It will no doubt showcase the history of UK grocery retailing... 1950-1992.