Four full baskets were checked in by our shoppers this week and Morrisons came up trumps with the cheapest at £38.64. The main culprits for gaps on shelves at Asda, Tesco and Safeway, Anchorage Park, were 18-packs of Persil Tablets which are being phased out. Choice was limited on certain items on our list. At Safeway, Llanishen, only pricy Jersey Royals were up for grabs at £1.13/454g, while at Sainsbury the only mature cheddar available worked out at 53p higher than the norm. However the store's 33p off McVitie's chocolate Homewheat and a bogof on orange juice helped to cushion the blow. At Tesco the only large eggs on offer were free range although they were a good buy at 83p. Meanwhile till errors at Somerfield, Stirling, caused our Scottish shopper to be charged twice for Diet Coke and not charged at all for orange juice. And at Somerfield's Plymstock store our shopper was unimpressed with the sugar spilt across the floor of two aisles. Both Somerfield stores had a bogof on pasta and 25p off Nescafé, although the latter's bacon was £2 cheaper for a 300g pack. Advertising at Asda took on a novel slant as all the checkout operators wore T-shirts promoting the chain's new store at Eastlands. {{GROCER 33 }}