Sir, I would like to comment on certain points made in your feature on farming, 'Dedication is what you need', 5 June, which featured information from the Eblex February beef and lamb watch survey.

Within the piece it's stated that Morrisons has 98% British lamb on its shelves with no reference to the fact that the missing 2% is offal, which by definition is not fresh meat.

Offal/lambs liver and kidney isn't classed as 'meat' as the legal definition of meat is that it has to be an animal's actual muscle.

At Morrisons, we are extremely proud of the high level of support that we give to British agriculture and the close relationships that we have with the farming industry. We stand by the fact that we are the only top four retailer to be 100% British across our fresh beef, pork, poultry and lamb all year round.

Martyn Jones, group trading director, Morrisons