Yet another major retailer has nailed its colours to the sustainable fisheries mast.

Following news that Sainsbury's is phasing out fish from endangered fisheries, Morrisons is to provide on-pack information for the majority of its fish. The retailer says this will help consumers make up their own minds about the ethics of purchasing different fish.

Product sold at the wet fish counter and those packed in store will now be labelled with the species' latin name, and how and where it was caught. For the first six months leaflets will be available to help people interpret the information.

"Morrisons has been making a conscious effort to promote lesser known fish species such as Cape Hake, Megrim, and Gurnard to the consumer, and we hope this reduces pressure on popular species," said Bernadette Clarke of the Marine Conservation Society.

Morrisons believes better informed consumers will in turn spend more on fish.