Morrisons in Pennyway, Barry, hits the top spot in this week's shop, coming in with a full basket at £35.86 thanks to a special offer on Persil Tablets.
But our shopper said the store was "heaving", making it a longer visit than normal and the store was unable to fulfil our special category list (see facing page).
Asda again checked in a cheap full basket, at £36.02, on yet another busy day which saw much congestion in the fruit and veg section of the Mansfield store.
Tesco in Ipswich and Safeway in Heaton failed on just one product each, while Tesco's Baguley store had two out of stocks.
Its three-packs-of-four for £10 promotion on Stella was probably to blame for the product's absence. But this store was the only one to fulfil the category list and our shopper was impressed by changes since it was revamped to an Extra.
Total paid at the Keynsham Co-op and Purley Way Sainsbury's suffered as premium own label pork sausages were the cheapest available at the time while Tesco does not stock an eight-rasher pack of bacon so a more expensive 300g pack at £2.69 was substituted.
Applause for staff this week, with all shoppers reporting excellence in service on the shop floor, although the checkout assistants at the Co-op and Safeway both failed to speak to our shoppers.