Morrisons has warned new EU labelling rules are costly and set to cause widespread confusion among consumers.

Changes under the European Food Information Regulation 2011 would make it virtually impossible to fit in all the new information on some products without destroying existing branding and consumer marketing value, Morrisons head of trading standards and compliance Jonathan Coe told The Grocer.

“It will have a very significant impact,” he said. “It’s not just about the cost to retailers and suppliers but the potential confusion for customers.”

Suppliers claimed the changes, which include a raft of new information about allergens, increased font sizes and still to be decided information including country of origin details, could force manufacturers to increase packaging as well as ramping up costs.

This week, Defra launched an industry consultation on the impact of the EU regulation, which must be brought in within two years. However, both have so far failed to issue formal guidance on how to implement the new requirements.