Morrisons boss Dalton Philips has urged the government not to add VAT to rotisserie chickens.

Writing in the Daily Mirror, Philips welcomed yesterday’s U-turn over the unpopular ‘pasty tax’. But he said the surviving changes to taxation on hot food – which will still apply to supermarket rotisserie chickens – would hit those who could least afford it.

“The fact that this has been called a pasty tax is misleading,” he wrote.

“Millions of people are buying rotisserie chickens for their evening meal every week. Many of these are older and less well-off customers, who usually buy them to eat cold or heated up later in the day.

“They will be taxed because they are sold hot but 83% of our customers actually purchase them to consume later in the day when they’ve gone cold.”

He added: “It’s madness that because a chicken is freshly cooked it will be priced 80p more than a cold chicken and it will become unaffordable for many poorer customers at our supermarkets. Our rotisserie chickens are all from the UK so this will hit British farmers hard too.”