David Curry has used Dairy UK's agm to deliver an upbeat forecast for the dairy processing industry.

The Dairy UK president told MPs and members that significant increases in the world prices of dairy commodities would boost the sector's fortunes.

"However, it is essential that the UK industry capitalises on it to continue the move away from overreliance on the production of commodity lines and into branded products and value added markets," Curry said.

He also took the opportunity for another swipe at the FSA and its Nutrient Profiling Model, which classifies cheese as a high-salt, high-fat product - something The Grocer's Weigh It Up! campaign has lobbied against.

"Along with new initiatives on saturated fat and sugar, they could have major implications for dairy companies," he said.

Dairy UK is still gathering evidence on the lactose sugar content of whole milk for the FSA to prevent the product falling foul of advertising restrictions to children.