Bagels without a hole are the latest innovation from Mr Bagels, which has launched the normally doughnut-shaped bread product as a high-energy, high-fibre bar.

The bran and seed, and bran, cranberry and pumpkin seed Hi Energy Bagel Bars are set to take advantage of the public's growing concern over health and its appetite for bagels.

"We're looking to expand our business and investment in new products is critical to success," said sales director Mark Radberg.

Sales in the bagel sector have risen by 21.9% over the past year [TNS 52 w/e 17 June]. Bagel sales in the retail sector have now reached a staggering £43.2m and the morning goods sector of the bakery market continues to expand every year. "Throughout 2007 we are looking to extend the Mr Bagels brand to other multiple retailers as they take advantage of a growing market," said Radberg.

The bars will be listed in Tesco from this month.