The idea that fresh stuffing is a seasonal-only product is being challenged by Irish company Mr Crumb, which is bringing a pre-cooked range to the UK market.

The company has invested E6m in expanding its facilities to tackle the UK and is putting the focus on its Organic Sage & Onion line - one of a repertoire of 11 regular products. It is made with sautéed onions and herbs blended with fresh breadcrumbs, comes in its own tray and can be heated in three minutes.

Jason Coyle, business director, said that the company's research showed that 45% of UK consumers would buy a pre-cooked stuffing product regularly throughout the year if it were available. They were also twice as likely to use it as an accompaniment rather than inside another food.

"We have succeeded in taking a declining commodity product and reinventing it with fresh, high-quality ingredients," said Coyle. "We have also generated strong year-round sales across all Irish multiples."