from Hilary Khawam, commercial director, Marine Stewardship Council

Sir; I was interested to read Charles Clover’s Saturday Essay (July 24, p24) and the views he gained while writing his book The End of the Line: How Overfishing is Changing the World and What We Eat.
He mentions the MSC and our concept is very simple. Fisheries around the world apply to be independently assessed against rigorous environmental standards. If they pass, products from certified fisheries win the right to use the MSC environmental label.
The MSC offers a positive, credible response to questions about overfishing.
Currently, over 200 products carry the MSC label in 19 countries. New products are appearing every week. The on-pack logo and claim provides consumers with the information they need to make the best environmental choice.
We believe that independent certification and eco-labelling can achieve what politics has not been able to so far - offer real commercial incentives for improvements in fisheries management. If there is a market advantage in being MSC-approved, fishery managers will jump at the chance to join the programme.
Some retailers stock a wider range of MSC-labelled products than others, but the concept is firmly established in UK retail and is increasingly being taken up across Continental Europe, the US and Australia.
The MSC label has the potential to become an established brand in years to come, easily recognisable and widely available to an increasingly environmentally aware public.