Müller is moving into the upmarket sector of the yogurt market with a "luxurious yet affordable" premium brand called Amoré.
The yogurt giant has turned to continental Europe for inspiration for the three variants ­ Italian Lemon, Spanish Orange and Walnut & Greek Honey ­ all of which are set to hit chiller cabinets next month, retailing at 55p for a 150g pot.
The newcomers are targeted primarily at female consumers who are actively looking for premium products. Marketing is likely to include advertising in women's titles as well as PR and instore activities.
According to Müller's research, 80% of women have been to Italy, Spain or Greece and nearly half say they would happily relocate to one or other of these countries. They are also keen to try new flavours.
MD Ken Wood described Müller's move into the luxury market as "a natural progression" for the company. He also said it was important to offer consumers a completely new proposition.
According to the company, its Corners brand was once perceived by consumers as a luxury product but familiarity and competitive pricing mean it is now seen as an everyday treat, leaving an opportunity for an upmarket offering.