To read the comments left on any YouTube video is to witness mankind at its ugliest, its basest, its most craven and moronic.

Müller spends millions crafting a beautiful mess about yoghurt turning City drones into two-dimensional Mister Men instantly giving them more than depth than any real-life banker and all it gets on YouTube is abuse from lonely shut-ins like Purpleisawesome93.

“So the moral of the advert is to be selfish, lazy and to ignore that people need to work for a living,” the poster notes, refusing to ‘Like’ the uploaded clip.

No, it isn’t. The moral is that cramming more past icons into your ad than a Greek Orthodox cathedral won’t guarantee you a coherent narrative.

Sure, the gay car from Knight Rider rubbing wheel rims with Yogi Bear makes no sense. But it does make noise, enough to drown out the white-noise whine of the internet haters.