A €4m advertising campaign to promote olive oil in the UK has been launched.

The campaign aims to increase consumption of olive oil by targeting distributors and consumers and improving their knowledge and understanding of olive oil and its uses.

The UK campaign will have an over-arching ‘flavour of life’ theme, using slogans such as ‘a summer life’, ‘a healthier life’ and ‘a livelier life’.

More than 40 press ads will appear in national magazines and newspapers in the UK during the first 12 months of the three-year campaign.

A bus will also carry the campaign message and will distribute information and gifts at various sales points, with a website set to be launched in the next few months.

The UK campaign is part of a wider European campaign, with the British market designated a quarter of the total European budget of €16.5m.

The UK now consumes 28 million litres of olive oil per annum. Over half of UK homes now use olive oil, up from 35% in 2001.

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