Climate change could signal a bright future for UK grown Braeburn. Both Sainsbury and Tesco are enthusiastic about the fruit, with Sainsbury announcing plans to double the volume it takes from UK grower Paul Mansfield to 300 tonnes. The apple, originally discovered in New Zealand, is now one of the most popular international varieties, but the English climate was always considered marginal for growing. Sainsbury believes the variety will eventually generate more than #1m for the industry within 2-3 years, and ultimately reduce imports. Apple buyer Marcus Hoggarth said: "Last year we were the first supermarket to have serious commercial volumes." Tesco is also interested in the home-grown crop. Its grower is Adrian Scripps, based in Tonbridge, who planted orchards at Brenchley two years ago. Brenchley grown fruit will be available exclusively at most Tesco Kent stores for a three-week period, starting at the end of October. {{MARKET EDGE }}