Discovering the flag Sainsbury is to highlight British fruit and vegetables as they come into season using the red white and blue label developed by the National Farmers Union. It claims to be the first major multiple to be taking such steps from next week. One of the first products to benefit is Discovery which has arrived in the shops a fortnight earlier than usual and is facing heavy competition from New Zealand Braeburn. The logo will also appear on onions, shallots, runner beans, dwarf beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and potatoes. Ian Merton, Sainsbury's director of primary agriculture, said: "We are seeing a trend towards customers supporting British produce and a desire to learn more about where food comes from. "By looking out for the new label they will know when British seasons begin and end." The move is strengthened by a recent Mori poll ­ 74% of consumers said they would choose English produce if it was available, but did not know when it was harvested. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}