Asda move very negative' Fears over Asda's policy to source its citrus through a single importer, Thames Fruit, has been expressed by Mena Davidson, md of the Citrus Marketing Board of Israel, who at the seasonal Jaffa launch this week referred to what has been seen as a major shift in retail policy by the fruit trade. "We regard it as a very negative move," said Davidson. "In essence it means that Israeli exporters will no longer have direct sales contact with the fastest growing retail chain. "While multiples overall have reduced their supplier base on the grounds of economy, this latest move breaks new ground." Davidson recognised that fruit marketing was going through dramatic changes in terms of both takeovers and mergers, but is cautious of what he called "preferred supply channels". "We will have to monitor any position that places our fruit in the hands of any third parties who perhaps in the middle to long term may have compromised commercial interests," he added. Davidson also believes there are other changes on the horizon which will lead to consumers wanting more information to differentiate between fruit varieties and their seasonal differences. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}