What's your favourite ­restaurant? My mum's kitchen. Very reasonable prices and free puddings at all times.

Have you ever sent back or complained about a meal? Meet every chef's worst nightmare. I have complained about timing, congealed pasta, hairy paté and corked wine, but always in a polite way.

What would you request as your final meal? A never-­ending gobstopper.

What's your favourite ­tipple? A Shlurple of Vimto.

What's your fantasy car and what do you actually drive? Lady Penelope's pink Cadillac as my black Tigra does not have space for a chauffeur.

What are you reading at the moment? Anyone Can Do It, about building the Coffee ­Republic brand. Inspirational!

Last film at the cinema? Memoirs of a Geisha, which was beautifully shot but nothing compared to the book.

Most embarrassing moment of your professional life? I once worked for Manchester School of Management Retail Forum. Its members included directors from 12 blue chip retailers and manufacturers. Following a successful presentation, I managed to spectacularly throw a glass of vodka and Coke all over myself as I was asked for the time... smooth.

What are your pet hates? Falseness and frogs.

What's your motto for life? "Take me to Kansas Toto... and with a click of her ruby slippers she was there!" Not a motto as such, but it gets me through!