Convenient. Tasty. And fairly healthy. Spreadable butter is ticking all the right boxes for shoppers as they turn their back on products sold solely on the basis of health claims.

It's now the dominant force in the butters and spreads category with a 27% market share. Value sales have soared 22% to £257m [TNS 52w/e 23 March, 2008].

Lurpak drove the growth, with its four spreadable variants having helped the Arla brand become the biggest force in the category.

Given that household penetration in butters, spreads and margarine has remained static, a 10% leap in volume for spreadable butter means it is stealing shoppers. And it's stealing them from its so-called healthier rivals, including Flora, which Lurpak overtook last year [The Grocer Top Products Survey 2007/Nielsen].