Importer Fresh Trade UK has teamed up with The Deckers Group to handle a UK-wide roll-out of flavoured cider brand Fizz.

The Deckers Group has secured the worldwide distributor rights to sell the range outside the product's Baltic home market. Fresh Trade, which introduced the brand to the UK two years ago, will once again handle marketing.

"We had patchy distribution up until now but working with Deckers allows us to distribute nationally for the first time," said Maurice Newton, importer and marketer for Fresh Trade UK.

The packaging has also been tailored to better fit the UK, with English language added to its foil sealed can. The national roll-out will be backed by a £200,000 marketing push.

The 500ml cans come in four flavours: pear (4.5% abv, rsp: £1.49) and cherry, strawberry and blueberry flavours (4% abv, rsp £1.99).