London-based Indian food producer Holyfood claims its debut ready meal range will plug a gap for a "fresh, healthy and convenient" brand. The Holyfood range, available in selected grocers now, consists of authentic traditional recipes ranging from Karahi Gosht a rich lamb curry from the Punjab, to Masoor Dal a Red Lentil Dal meal (rsp: £6.99 to £7.99 for a main dish serving two). Accompaniments, including rice and a choice of vegetables, pickles, and chutneys, are available to be bought separately.

The newcomer is being positioned as the "perfect solution for health-conscious urbanites that love authentic, nutritional food, but are short of time to ­prepare it", said co-founder Amrik Singh Dhaliwal.

Currently stocked in Selfridges, Portobello Wholefoods and Chegworth Farm Shop in Notting Hill, Holyfood said the lines would be available nationwide next year.