The Bordeaux Wine Bureau (CIVB) says its new focus is to raise awareness in the UK of affordable wines from the region. At an event this week, it launched a list of 100 Bordeaux wines priced between £5 and £15 for consumers in the UK.
“I don’t think UK consumers are bored with Bordeaux, but we need to ‘de-foreignise’ it for them,” said Pascal Loridon, marketing director for CIVB.
“Bordeaux wine is thought to be expensive and formal, but we want to communicate that it can be affordable and high quality.”
Trade press promotions will
give information about the region while consumer press will be linked to promotions in off-licences.
“We are working with retailers individually to establish what services they can offer us, such as a combination of tastings, e-mails and in-store magazines,” said Loridon.
He said while Bordeaux producers were aware they could not compete with bigger marketing budgets from the New World, they would be promoting the diversity and proximity of their wines,
The CIVB will be working with travel companies to promote the 2006 ‘La Fete du Vin’ wine show in Bordeaux in 2006, which attracts around 350,000 visitors.