The National Beef Association is licking its wounds after losing its new chief executive to another trade association - before he'd even arrived.

The industry association had secured the appointment of Stuart Rogers, a former Defra department head involved in the lifting of the Over Thirty Month ban last year, and was expecting him to start his new job in August.

But in a move that has not improved supply chain relations, the British Meat Processors Association poached Rogers with an offer he couldn't refuse. He will become the BMPA's director next month instead.

The NBA has opted for an internal promotion to fill its top job, choosing Kim-Marie Haywood, who used to be policy director. NBA chairman Duff Burrell said he thought Haywood was an excellent candidate, but deplored the BMPA's tactics.

"We got gazumped," he complained to The Grocer. "He had signed all the contracts and it was all done and dusted.

"Then the BMPA started making higher and higher offers until it got its man.

"It just shows producers and suppliers of BMPA members what the processors can get up to when they feel like it. It's not the way we do things in the countryside."