Nedan confectionery is going head to head with Haribo with a high profile launch of a new range of multicoloured jelly sweets. The maker of Fisherman's Friends and Pez says there is a potential £3m annual market for its Roadrunners brand in the UK. The jellies, shaped as cars, trucks, mechanics and dodgems, are geared towards six to 12 year olds as well as car fanatic adults. Directions on the back of packets will point consumers to the roadrunners web site ( which features interactive racing games. Promotional activity supporting the launch includes TV advertising and a sampling campaign through Beano and Dandy, scheduled for Spring. Ford vans will be up for grabs in a promotion for retailers with special packs of two outers. The range with the strapline Get your Gob in Gear' comes in chewy dodgems, flashy GTIs, motor madness, mad mechanics, cola trucks, and flaming racers assortments. 40g mini bags cost 25p, family bags of between 160 and 175g cost 99p, and multi-bags cost £2.29. Buyers at the trade launch of Roadrunners welcomed Nedan's pledge to plough money into the brand. The consumer launch is planned for the new year, timed to avoid a clash with other brands' Christmas chocolate launches. {{P&P }}