Nestlé has rejected suggestions that media furore over the possible rigging of its Kit Kat Big Brother 'Golden Housemate' draw could affect sales of the brand.

Kit Kat sales had rocketed by up to 2000% in some outlets (The Grocer, 3 June) during the two-week promotion, which offered tickets entitling the holder to audition for the Channel 4 reality TV show.

However, speculation on the fairness of the live draw, which saw Susie Verrico - who had already been a guinea pig contestant - enter the house, has led to cries of 'fix' in The Sun. The ASA is considering an investigation after receiving complaints alleging that the competition was rigged. Electoral Reform Services, which supervised the draw - done in a National Lottery-style - said the balls had been correctly placed.

Graham Walker, Nestlé's group trade communications manager, said it had no involvement in the final selection. He added: "We expect the positive performance of Kit Kat to continue."