Nestlé Rowntree is planning to restructure its confectionery business.

The business includes brands such as Kit Kat, Aero and Smarties and employs 3,500 people, mostly based in York.

In a statement the company said: “We have been carrying out a review of the UK confectionery business and the utilisation of its assets. The results will be announced shortly.”

Reports claim that the restructuring could lead to job losses.

A spokeswoman for Nestlé Rowntree told the Guardian that any cuts would be made because of the lack of growth in the British confectionery market and not because there were problems with its brands.

In November last year Nestlé Rowntree’s outspoken managing director Chris White left the company after two years in the MD role.

He caused a stir by declaring that Nestlé Rowntree was “in crisis” - leading to him being dubbed “blunder boss” by analysts. Although Nestlé said his comments had been taken out of context, White also claimed that ad campaigns had failed to generate sales and the company had “missed opportunities such as getting into cereal bars”. He was replaced by Paul Grimwood.