Nestlé is following Müller Vitality’s lead by adding Omega-3 to its Munch Bunch Mega Drinky+ probiotic drink for kids, tapping into what is predicted to continue to be a hot trend for 2006.
As of January, the drink will contain essential fatty fish acids - which have been claimed to aid concentration - and will also be available in a new raspberry flavour in addition to the existing
strawberry variant.
Last month, Müller Vitality added Omega-3 across its portfolio, which includes its probiotic drinks and yoghurts (The Grocer, November 5, p56), after research showed it was the most popular health benefit in foods being demanded by consumers.
Nestlé is also pushing its Munch Bunch brand into drinks in a bid to shake up the milkshake market.
Its Mega Drinky is a low fat yoghurt drink made with fruit purée and comes in a strawberry flavour in packs of four (rsp: £2.29).
It will be positioned as a healthy after-school snack, with each 180g serving containing as much calcium as a 150ml glass of milk, said Nestlé.