Small independent stores are being offered the opportunity to branch out into fresh foods as delivered wholesaler Blueheath extends its range. The company, which allows independents to place orders over the internet, has teamed up with Warrington based Sara Produce to launch a line of fresh fruit and vegetables. The Splendour range provides pre-packed and pre-washed products which Blueheath claims are of supermarket quality. Around 50 items will be available from bananas to broccoli in small packs and delivered in display boxes. There's no minimum order and cases start from £3.49. Blueheath is providing "great" introductory offers and then special monthly offers. Buying director Steve Boyce said: "We hope to encourage many of our retailers who do not stock fresh produce to take advantage of an off the shelf merchandising package." London based Blueheath recently expanded to the north and midlands and is expected to roll out to the rest of the UK early next year. {{NEWS }}