Plane tickets, courtesy of the cash and carry specialist, came in a box full of "Continental" goodies. Bottles of new format Lynx lager, some Edam, a couple of Baby Bells and some Danish Blue priced up at Tesco's Deli counter­ oops. One of my fellow hacks left his passport behind and only noticed it was missing about 100 miles later. The only solution was to get the missing document biked half way across Holland. Having heard about Bill Grimsey's habit of turning up for meetings on his Harley Davidson, clad in motor bike leathers, I wondered what might have happened if a foreign visitor to Booker had encountered the same problem. My globe trotting continued with a visit to the Royal Welsh Show at Builth Wells on Monday. Unfortunately, it wasn't Welsh Lamb and Beef Promotions md Don Thomas' day. After a splendid speech launching Safeway's new organic Welsh mountain lamb range, Thomas said he would particularly like to thank Sainsbury's for all its hard work ­ to embarrassed applause from the assembled throng and sniggering from the Safeway camp. Ten minutes later, as the local male voice choir were in full swing, the red faced WLBP boss had to interrupt the proceedings to apologise for his gaffe. {{COUNTERPOINT }}