Colgate Dental Gum has been given a makeover as part of Nestlé’s joint venture with brand owner Colgate Palmolive.
A new Spearmint Sensation flavour replaces Menthol in the line-up this month to join improved versions of Advanced Whitening and Cool Mint.
All three will feature new packaging aimed at improving shelf stand-out, while the redesign makes greater play of the Colgate red brand logo.
More than £3m is being thrown behind the makeover, including a new TV advertising campaign running until the end of next month. The push marks a step up in activity behind the
brand following Nestlé and Colgate’s decision to unite behind the brand at the end of last year. Up to now, Nestlé’s involvement has focused on stepping up distribution and visibility of the gum in-store.
Nestlé sales communications manager Graham Walker predicted accelerated sales.